FBM 101+201+202(兩日總共8小時課程)
✔︎ 即場教您落廣告
✔︎ 即場教您設定客戶群
✔︎ 即場教您建立您的專頁

內容營銷及廣告投放班 1月班

1月11日 14:00 - 18:00

1月18日 14:00 - 18:00


內容營銷及廣告投放班 12月班

12月21日 14:00 - 18:00

12月28日 14:00 - 18:00


FBM 101+201+202(兩日總共8小時課程)


FBM 101 – 基本內容營銷班


Facebook 內容營銷規劃與應用,Facebook 專頁基本及進階設定。






1.Start of Something New
- Introduction
- Facebook Marketing Sales Funnel
- What means From “Hi” to “Buy”?
- First 1000 rule

2.Create your first Facebook Page
- Steps to create your first Facebook Page
- How to name your Facebook Page
- Great Description, Great Information
- Choose an eye-catching Facebook Cover Photos
- Check you Facebook Page anytime and anywhere: Facebook Page App
- Likes and Follows
- Call-To-Action Button to drive business objectives

3.Facebook Page Content Building
- Create your first Post
- How to create a great copy write to attract the audience
- How to create a great KV to attract the audience

4.Create your first Facebook Group
- What is the difference between Facebook Page and Facebook Group?
- Step to create your first Facebook Group
- Facebook Group Settings

5.Create your first Videos
- Video Metrics
- Great tools for Video Creation

6.Connect to your Instagram Account

7.Facebook Live
- Why Facebook Live?
- How to start a Facebook Live? (For Beginners)
- How to start a Facebook Live? (For Advanced Users)



FBM 201 – 基本廣告投放班

FBM 202 – 進階廣告投放班



Facebook 廣告規劃與投放,Facebook 基本Re-Marketing 應用。



已修讀 FBM 101課程,能掌握 Facebook 基本內容營銷及 Facebook 專頁設定。



8.Let’s Start Advertising on Facebook
- Start Using Business Managers
- Setup your Payment Account for your Facebook Ads
- Setup the roles for different people with different role assignment

9.Define your Target Audience
- Analysing your Post Engagement
- Analysing your Audience Reactions
- Reach VS Impression
- Analysing your Facebook Page Insights

10.Creating your first Facebook Ad
- Setup the Campaign Details
- Marketing Objective (Types of Ads Creation)
- Setup the Ad Set Details
- Audiences
- Placements
- Budget and Schedule
- Setup the Ad Details
- Page and Post
- Budget to invest
- Ads Policy
- Analysing your Facebook Ad Result

11.Choose the Business Objective that suit your need
- Awareness
- Engagement
- Traffic
- Call-To-Action
- Conversion
- Lead
- View

- Custom Audience
- Alike Audience
- Facebook Pixel

13.Instagram Ads
- Create your first Instagram Ad
- Switch to Business Profile

14.Create your first Lead Form
- Welcome Screen
- Questions
- Privacy Policy
- Thank You page

15.Real Case Sharing


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